Who Is Badang In Real Life ? Hearty D Bomb Revealed

Who is Badang in Real Life? Fliptop female emcee Heart D Bomb exposes something about the true identity of BADANG

Fliptop community’s Badang is currently experiencing much controversy after the alleged arrest and imprisonment due to his lewd, unearthly acts towards a minor-aged girl who is apparently a daughter of their co-fliptopper and friend, Cain. Fliptop chic, Hearty Bomb shares and spills the beans of the apparent story behind the controversy girdling around the fliptop community.

Hearty Bomb, a bombshell chic of the fliptop community, spills the news and her anger towards Badang who apparently did some lewd acts towards their bro’s young daughter. According to her, Badang is staying over Cain’s place for the meantime, and for one night, he went home drunk and went straight towards Cain’s daughter’s room, and started caressing and touching the young girl, which called out her father’s attention after being done some malicious acts by the reported Fliptopper. Hearty Bomb expresses her anger and tells more about the lustful behavior of Badang; said that Badang is so lascivious that she often ignores this man’s pursuits because she “knows his moves” so well that even a basic chic (considering it doesn’t really have the looks) will do, as long as there is a “hole in the wall”, Badang would go for it. Hearty Bomb said that even a dog was not “spared” by these lustful acts of this shameful man.

Even until the end of the video, chic was so angry at their former bro, even said that he totally deserved being behind the bars to pay for his crimes. Netizens were raged over Badang and even said that he was more like a “Manyak” than a “rap artist”, given that Badang, according to people, was not much of talent one either. And they say that if you wanted “bars”, Badang is now already “behind the bars” to pay for his crime. Hearty Bomb left a message for this man and warned him about what could possibly be done to him inside given that he “do something bad” to a young girl. It was far more unimaginable.

You can watch the controversial video here. Watch Hearty D Bomb Statement video <-----

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