Yassi Pressman Covers " Versace on the Floor " By Bruno Mars

They lit up the stage with their sizzling hot performance on the ASAP Philippines dance floor when these Kapamilya stars and ASAP celebrity performers dance the noontime hotness with their performance of Bruno Mars’ “Versace On the Floor”. And while the song will eventually get stuck inside our minds once again soon as we hear on the radio or even just a kid on the streets singing it, Maja Salvador, together with Yassi Pressman and Rayver Cruz, gave it off a beat with their sexy dance cover of the hit song.

The ASAP stage was set up with the setting sexy vibe with a large, regal couch stood before the audience, and smoke played along with the lights, came Yassi flipping her hair and her seductive face-on gaming was certainly on point. We can really never deny how great she was as an actress and her passion for dancing and interpreting songs with her own spin. Sexy enough was she when she performed the “Versace” song onstage. She was on solo, she was more than enough to leave the audience captivated on sight. Rayver Cruz came along to add the sexiness moreover along with Yassi on the side. A great dancer as well, Rayver can be seen to be certainly internalizing the mood and it really showed off by the way he danced the choreography of the song by Bruno Mars.

The crowd went crazy when Maja Salvador appeared on top of the couch with her face fixed-on fierce-looking and was certainly enticing to see this beautiful actress outdo her dancing self once again. Maja was not ashamed of really sexy dancing onstage because why not, right? This girl has got the looks, has got the body, and has got a lot of dozens of charm on her hands that leave her audience captivated on the palm of her hands.

All three performed the most sensual dance cover onstage and live on international television. Knowing that there has been probably some kids watching the dance performance, hope that the parents were on the side to guide their children. And though the performance was topnotch, it was most probably well to keep everything under the parental guidance rating. We cannot deny that these celebrities have outdone themselves again and it deserves a round of applause indeed.

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