This Plant is Proven to be Effective as Deworming Medicine

The Ipil-ipil tree is very abundant in tropical countries such as Thailand and the Philippines. Due it its abundance and resilient nature, Ipil-ipil tree has been described as “conflict tree”. On a brighter note, this tree is proven to cure various digestive illnesses.

Leucaena leucocephala or Ipil-ipil tree is considered as “Miracle Tree” because of its health benefits including its proven and effective way of deworming patients suffering from roundworms, flukes and tapeworms infesting inside their body.

For deworming, Ipil-ipil seeds should be dried and powdered. The powdered seeds can be prepared as tea or mixed with other beverages for people or children who have very sensitive palate. Drink the mixture 2 hours after eating.

According to studies, this remedy effectively kills and flushes the internal or intestinal worms out of the body. Other than humans, the Ipil-ipil seeds is also used to help reduce and eliminate worms in chickens. While some studies claim that Ipil-ipil has a property that can somewhat lessen the chances of incurring stomach cancer.

Apart from its medicinal benefits, the Ipil-ipil is also considered as  delicacy in other parts of Asia such as Thailand. Its leaves are served as salads and incorporated in omelette.

Ipil-ipil tree can grow up to 15 feet in which its lumber can be used as foundation in building small huts. It bears an oval fruit that contains as much as 15 seeds.


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