TEAM JOLAI : Jon Gutierrez Surprises Jelai Andres

When you’re in a relationship, expect more and more surprises coming from your partner especially when your partner is born to make you happy for the rest of your life. One of these ladies blessed to have such a partner is the other half of the online couple Jolai, Jolai. Watched how she reacted when her boyfriend surprised her with something that she’d been wishing for.

Jon went online to document his girlfriend’s reaction as he gives his surprise. According to Jon, Jelai really wanted to have a dog particularly the cross breed of Labrador and Husky that they saw online and checked on the pet store. Jelai has been asking for the dog for two weeks but Jon didn’t grant her wish instantly and even told his girlfriend that he’s not into the idea of buying a dog for her.

Because Jelai was very persistent enough to remind Jon about the dog, King Badger gave up and bought the dog. One morning, he went to Jelai’s place and while she’s sleeping soundly, he placed the puppy next to her to wake her up.

Surprised, Jelai was not able to say a single word when she saw the very cute puppy. And not to mention, she was not yet camera ready at that time. After realizing that she’s not dreaming, Jelai cried because she finally able to hug and squish the puppy that she’s wishing for and later went outside to play with the very cute puppy.


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