Janella Salvador loses 100K from bank account

No matter how big or small the amount is, all of us value the money that we worked hard for. However, there are some who are left victims by the people who make living out of wrongdoing as what happened to Janella Salvador.

Janella Salvador’s mother actress Jenine Desiderio was surprised one morning as she was checking her daughter’s bank transaction.   She was shocked when she discovered that there were multiples of transaction summing to more than one hundred thousand in Janella’s debit account which was traced August of last year in Tokyo Disneyland.

“Ang kaduda-duda dito ay same amount, same date, same name tapos paulit-ulit ng tatlong beses. In one date parang tatlong transactions,” Salvador explained in shocked.

Salvador confirmed that Janella was in the Philippines on the said date when the transaction happened. She also admitted that she just discovered the incident last week through checking Janella’s statement of accounts which the bank failed to deliver ahead of time and she was not also alerted by the bank that such transaction transpired.

 Janella, on the other hand, felt sad upon knowing that she’s been robbed.

“ I got sad when I saw it because first of all, I find it really disappointing and sad that people nowadays can just steal big amount of money that other people worked hard for of course,” said Janella.

Metrobank has released a statement assuring that they’ll be investigating the complaint.

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