Coco Martin - Julia Montez Level Up Their Relationship ?

After the apparent success of her afternoon series, “Doble Kara” where she plays both the role of a twin sisters with two different attitudes. Julia Montes admits that playing both roles with completely different characteristics is quite a challenge for her as a drama actress. When asked about the relationship of Julia and rumored suitor, Coco Martin, the actress spills the beans about their new relationship status.

“Doble Kara” star Julia has recently signed a three-year contract with the ABS-CBN network and has upcoming projects completely different from what people has accustomed her with. According to her, it would be a whole new Julia Montes for her fans. Her fans, however, are demanding for her to appear on cameo role on Coco Martin’s top-rating primetime action series, “Ang Probinsyano”, which she said that she would consider being on it because it would be a fun experience, and probably it would at least deviate from the drama roles she portrays on. Julia prefers to be on the “action” scene and wants to take on roles that require heavy physical fitness and flexibility which she said she is game-on.

For all we know that the “Ang Probinsyano” star, Coco Martin, is being linked onto Julia Montes since a few years ago but neither of the parties confirmed their relationship if it was already official or it would remain rumors and gossips. Coco’s co-star and leading lady on his hit series was also being linked to him, which is Yassi Pressman. When asked about her opinions on the Yassi-Coco love-team, Julia gave off a laugh and said she supports the love-team and said that they were suited for each other. Yassi heard about Julia and thanked her for saying that she supports her. But does this mean that the “Ang Probinsyano” star doesn’t have a special place on Julia’s heart? Are they now officially together?

Julia answers the questions with a silence and a smile, saying, “Ayoko magmadali. Kasi ‘pag nagmadali ka or minadali mo ang isang bagay, madali ring mawawala.”

So does this mean something is already up with the two showbiz personalities? We are quite unsure with that but they say, that silence means “Yes”.

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