WATCH: LIzQuen “kilig-filled” Fast Talk on TWBA

It cannot be denied that Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil are perfect for each other and if you’re looking for much more reason why we said that, here is their latest interview where they filled the “Tonight With Boy Abunda” studio with so much kilig.

Certainly, both Liza and Enrique are not only comfortable with each other but they are also blessed with chemistry which excite their fans to see these two ends up together. Well, we’re pretty sure that that time would come much sooner than we expect.

During their recent guesting in TWBA, LizQuen brought out all the kilig of their audience as they answer the questions in the Fast Talk segment. Of course, all the questions were mainly about love which the two love birds answered without buckling.

 The segment was filled with “ikaw” answers, although at some point it sounded irrelevant as an answer to the question but they can’t help it and we can’t help it also but to punch our seatmate or a solid object near us just to unleash all the kilig feels they caused.

LizQuen started the segment with somekind of  a romantic-love-in-in-the-air feels and ended with everyone’s hearts filled with joy and wanting for more kilig.

Well, if this segment left you wanting for more, better hit the theatres to watch the Valentines’ day offer of LizQuen, “My Ex and Whys” and be part of the people who left the theaters feeling in love.

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