Video : Couple Went Viral After Proving that Loves Knows No Shape

Many eye brows would rise when we talk about the existence of true love. What more if this form of love comes in different form and size? Watch the following video to know what we are talking about.
This asian couple proves that love knows no shape, once you found your true love, everything will change including your top-rank preference. The vacation video of this couple gained the attention of the netizens for breaking the boundaries of how a perfect couple should look. Yes, they seem not to look perfect for each other but the most important thing is they are true with their feelings.

Genuine love is not measured by how your partner treats you when you’re together but by how he or she flaunts you to the world and show them how proud he or she is to have you in his or her life. And for this case, we can’t help but adore this woman for showing the world how happy and contented she is in her relationship.

At the end of the day, looks can just attract people but it doesn’t mean that once you’re attracted you’re already in love. It is our heart that loves not our vision. So, the next time you feel attracted, think about this couple and ask yourself, “Am I in loved?”

To end this, we would like to greet everyone Happy Valentine’s day and let’s celebrate all types of love on this this.


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