This Vice Ganda's Valentines Message to Ex Boyfriend Will Make You Cry

While we may all know him to be a great stand-up comedian and a great TV host well-known enough to have his own late-night TV show like Ellen DeGeneres, Vice Ganda sheds his wolf skin to reveal a soft lamb inside as he screams out all his pent-up feelings and heartbreak in life on his “Pusuan Mo si Vice Ganda sa Araneta” concert last Valentine’s day this year.

Vice Ganda stands up onstage with a mic in front of him, wearing a black glittery avant-garde fashion gown like his Mother Monster Lady Gaga, mourning over his broken heart as he speaks out his words through a spoken-word poetry on his concert. He stands up onstage in front of a thousand people, under the lights that he once tried to hide his pain away from. He reveals in front of all the people in Araneta how he has been broken, how he has been experiencing all the pain and shortcomings on his love life. While he didn’t gave much information away so as to name the person behind all the words of heartbreak, fans and people on the internet were puzzling and concluding it might be the celebrity’s ex-boyfriend, a Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) player, Terrence Romeo. The two have undergone a ground-breaking heartbreak that shook the entire life of the comedian. While Vice Ganda’s heart speaks out on his Valentine concert, he admitted that he had loved the pain even if it hurts. “Masakit, pero masarap.” These were the exact same lines he repeated all over and over again. The comedian was licking fire with his tongue, and while he was concealing the identity to which he seemed to dedicate the poem with, he gave away it at the end by saying:

“Kahit sa huling sandali, kahit masakit, tinawag mo akong ‘Juliet’.”

Now the blind item has been given light to all the clues the comedian didn’t reveal at all. He was it after all, and he may not seem to have moved on for the love long gone.

Vice Ganda walks out of the stage, choking back the tears as he walked towards the backstage to prepare for the next show.


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