Liza Soberano Names Actresses She Thinks Prettier than her

Liza Soberano is considered the prettiest face in the local showbiz industry as proven by numerous title she received as a beautiful actress. Although she’s considered as the prettiest face in the industry, she’s very humble enough to name actresses she found prettier than her. Watch the following video to find out.

In one of her interviews with Boy Abunda in his late night show “Tonight With Boy Abunda”, the 19-year-old actress was asked to name three celebrities she found beautiful. The following are her choice:

1.    Arci Muñoz
2.    Anne Curtis
3.    Dawn Zulueta
Before she named the mentioned actresses, Liza revealed that there are a lot of names on her list of actresses that she found beautiful and narrowing the list into three she chose the above mentioned actresses.

Judging Liza’s choice, we can say that she really has a taste. Arci Muñoz is starting to make her name as a good actress with alluring packaging. A lot of women fell gay for her fierce beauty. Anne Curtis, on the other hand, is a chameleon. All types of roles suit her because she looks simple yet sophisticated. Lastly but definitely not the least, Dawn Zulueta who is known for her ageless beauty and grace in every character that she portrays.

What can you say about Liza’s choice? Are they also on your list?


  1. Those three women Liza named r beautiful but not more than her. She's got the perfect shape of face that no matter what angle they take of her face, she comes out picture perfect. She & Enrique r a perfect match, beautiful handsome couple, both in & out. Love LIZQUEN forever. I must be one of their oldest fans [82) & I Hope I live long enough to see the two marry someday. Love LIZQUEN forever! Lola B,


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