Erich Gonzales Speaks Out Regarding the Break Up With Daniel Matzunaga

Erich Gonzales is provoked to reveal details about her break-up with 2-year boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga due to the rising issues involving money. Here is what Erich has to say.

Daniel Matzunaga break up

After Daniel’s sister, Vanessa Matsunaga, broke her silence about the money issue involving DanRich split, Erich Gonzales spoke up and told the opposite party that she will tell all, once the time comes.
The break-up issue intensified when Vanessa Matsunaga went on social media to respond to some netizens who were accusing her family that they owe Erich some amount of money which was the main reason of Daniel and Erich’s break-up.

According to Vanessa, she tried her best to follow Daniel’s request not to fight back or even reply to comments but the issue affected her too much to the point that people started to invade her privacy. According to Vanessa, she wanted Erich to address the money issue and take a look back the memories they made as a family for the past two years. She also cleared that her family is not a user and so as Daniel because the model actor has worked hard ever since.

After the Vanessa’s lengthy post, Erich responded and told the female model: ““Hindi ako mayaman, Vanessa. Tama ka; mahirap lang ako, hindi ako kasing yaman ng napangasawa mo. Pero sa mundong ito, ang realidad, hindi lang mayayaman ang nate-take advantage. Mas maraming mahirap ang napapagsamantalahan.”

Erich ended her interview telling that she will speak up, if they wanted her to tell all.

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